Vendor Application: Click Here (Please note application will not work on mobile devices)

Exhibitor Information & Handbook:
Exhibitor Handbook
Entries accepted when dropping off. Please complete the application form and bring it with you.

Take-in Times are listed in the exhibitor handbook.
Directions for submitting exhibits are below.
Directions for submitting exhibits:
  • After you have looked at the Exhibitor Handbook, click on Application
  • You must “Create Account” first filling out all sections starred in red and required with your information
  • Once completed, “Log In”
  • Click on Entries
  • Click on Department
  • Exhibitor Division click + to expand entry list
  • Click Add for what you what added
  • When completed entries, click Review Entries at top, can delete any if needed. To add more, you must go back to Entries
  • Click Items/Checkout at top. You MUST do this step to complete your entries
  • The “History” will tell you what you have submitted
  • An email will be sent to you confirming your entry. If you do not receive an email, please email rochesterfair@metrocast.net